Mopoke Farm and our Loved Lambs

This is "Prancer" on his way from Perth back to Rosa Brook - he loves the car!
Prancer relaxing at home.

Mopoke Farm

At Mopoke Farm, we have our famous "Loved Lambs" as well as a few hectares of orchards producing citrus and exotic fruits organically.   Our aim is to be fully organically sustainable with all of our sheep and produce - so far so good - while we expand the range to include foul to eat our snails and grasshoppers and expand the range and volume of chillies and other niche fruits like Strawberry Guavas and Tamarillos.   There is virtually no end of niche fruits that just love the perfect Margaret River conditions and water and a bit of love.  Please stay in touch to watch our progress and contact us if you'd like to taste test any of the product.

This is Cleo, our little poster child. She now lives in Margaret River itself with her mate Anthony as "lawn carers" for our friend Tracey.
Our lambs like to play on little hills so we build them for them. They never experience tailing, mulesing, hunger, dog-frightening or other fear. They are loved. We welcome enquiries for "companion lambs", lawn-carers, yummy lamb, or breeders. Buyers can visit us, meet the sheepies but must qualify as lamb lovers. Keep our lambs and sheepies off the boats!!!
Kind regards
Debra, Mark and Mopoke family x

Julie Harper 06.05.2016 03:56

Your marmalade is sensational and will never look at anything else after this !

Joanne 01.06.2015 14:20

Have to come and check the little lambies out!

Tony and dani 30.10.2013 15:39

This is very cool

Regiena bakker 11.09.2013 19:25

Hi cousin Debra! This is your cousin Regiena from Holland! We are having dinner right now with your lovely parents! So nice to meet them! Hope to meet 1 day!xox

Tracey 07.08.2013 11:54

I love your site! It's the first time I have looked at it but will be looking more often for some stories re further foster carers for your adorable babies. T x

Trevor Matthews 29.07.2013 11:47

Great web site Deb and Mark.

The farm looks really interesting and sustainable. Hope the dam wall is holding up with all the rain.

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03.05 | 02:36

We are picking now, please call and arrange a time if you'd like to come out. 0414 962 626. Debra.

02.05 | 02:07

Are you doing pick your own persimmon this year. Would love to come and get some. Cheers

06.04 | 07:42

Our Persimmons will be ripe in about 5 weeks. If i have your number I'll be sending out texts when we start picking. You can text it to me 0414962626.

03.04 | 23:50

Hi. Just wondering if your persimmon are ready yet?