This is Coco, she thinks' she's a sheep

This is Cleo at about a week old. Cleo was abandoned by her mum because she is blind in her right eye.

This is Cleo again.

My little boy "Number 2". My boy is growing up.

Coco loves Cleo.

Cleo - again...

Our friend Meredith with Rosie, the baby of last years flock.

At the end of summer the sheep need hand feeding so they stay fat and happy.

Pregnant girls in Jan 2012 looking for their buckets of lupins.

Enjoy our photos (first up is Coco not a lamb!).  These are WA 'clean-skin' sheep.  They have fat tails which means that they have 50% less fat when cooked than trim spring lamb - MRIT certified!   They also do not have external parasites, do not need tailing or mulesing which saves them all the agony that 'normal' WA sheep go through. 

Our WA clean-skin sheep and lambs do not need shearing which also saves them from stress.  they shed their hair just like dogs do.  No fly-strike! 

Our sheep are cared for by alpacas Sundancer and Helios (which protect them from foxes) and by Coco and Tito - our Lagotto dogs that they grow up with as siblings.  Hence our sheep follow us and the dogs between paddocks - they don't need to be scared or chased to move them to greener pasture.

Our flock is our family, if the lambs are cold and lonely they join us in the house for love and warmth.  Please love them as we do. 

Lucho 18.07.2014 01:01

Great for you and wonderfull way to enjoy life and build a business!!

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03.05 | 02:36

We are picking now, please call and arrange a time if you'd like to come out. 0414 962 626. Debra.

02.05 | 02:07

Are you doing pick your own persimmon this year. Would love to come and get some. Cheers

06.04 | 07:42

Our Persimmons will be ripe in about 5 weeks. If i have your number I'll be sending out texts when we start picking. You can text it to me 0414962626.

03.04 | 23:50

Hi. Just wondering if your persimmon are ready yet?