Margaret River Farm Day Out Showcases our Sheep!

Our inaurgural Margaret River Farm Day Out

Our first "Margaret River Farm Day Out" show=cased our new strain of WA Cleanskin Sheep as well as promoted other local produce and businesses

Our WA Cleanskin Sheep breeding group is achieving the previously unthought of goals of:

  • yummy meat
  • friendly for lambs and sheep - no mulesing, tailing, fly-strike
  • 50% less fat than regular trim lamb
  • they grow fast (50kg by 6 months versus ordinary trim lambtaking twice as long to get as big! - remember not FAT but BIG!)
  • our sheep love being part of a flock.  they don't run away and they follow each other as a flock. 

As a breeder you can expect:

  • lower costs - no shearing, mulesing, crutching, no external parasites.  No big sheds and employees.
  • a great bunch of breeders working together as a big (though currently unofficial) co-operative.
  • the sheep have a great hearding instinct so don't run away, always hang around with themselves as a tight flock.

Margaret River Farm Day Out pictures show how we are working together to promote the WA Cleanskin Sheep strain and the effort that we are all putting in.  We are a group of co-ordinated breeders and carers of our gorgeous sheep and lambs, all working together for the betterment of the health of WA (low fat!), the promotion of happy sheep (no mulesing, tailing, fly-strike), and trying to build a sustainable industry here in WA.


These are pure-bred Damara sheep, one breed from which our WA Cleanskin Sheep are derrived.

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03.05 | 02:36

We are picking now, please call and arrange a time if you'd like to come out. 0414 962 626. Debra.

02.05 | 02:07

Are you doing pick your own persimmon this year. Would love to come and get some. Cheers

06.04 | 07:42

Our Persimmons will be ripe in about 5 weeks. If i have your number I'll be sending out texts when we start picking. You can text it to me 0414962626.

03.04 | 23:50

Hi. Just wondering if your persimmon are ready yet?