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You can tell we love our pets.

Coco and Tito have already featured and they do again here.  We live next to the Blackwood River which has lots of great little camping spots and swimming holes for the dogs.

Chicken (Katie) and Rex are our cats.  They are pretty old so the little birdies on the farm are safe.  Chicken is the boss of the household and Rex enjoys the occasional game of kiss-chasie with Tito.  They love to hang out at my home office.

We did have a few canaries but the pussy cats were younger and more agile then...

Our neighbours have goats (imitation clean skin sheep with upside down tails) and a couple of very cute Jersey cows. 

We also have lots of birds and trees and bees.    Our orchard has figs, persimmons, jujubes, custard apples, peaches, nectarines and a few other exotic fruit experiments.   Plus limes and lemonade trees.   They're pretty small now but in a couple of years we'll be covering the whole food pyramid.  If anyone out there has bright ideas on how to keep the parrots away please let us know!

Latest comments

03.05 | 02:36

We are picking now, please call and arrange a time if you'd like to come out. 0414 962 626. Debra.

02.05 | 02:07

Are you doing pick your own persimmon this year. Would love to come and get some. Cheers

06.04 | 07:42

Our Persimmons will be ripe in about 5 weeks. If i have your number I'll be sending out texts when we start picking. You can text it to me 0414962626.

03.04 | 23:50

Hi. Just wondering if your persimmon are ready yet?