fat and happy with growing bellies!

Tito is thirsty...

Cathy 18.01.2014 14:14

Hi Deb! At last I know how to contact you. Called on your birthday to send love and hugs but alas, don't know if you got message. Would dearly love to see you x

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03.05 | 02:36

We are picking now, please call and arrange a time if you'd like to come out. 0414 962 626. Debra.

02.05 | 02:07

Are you doing pick your own persimmon this year. Would love to come and get some. Cheers

06.04 | 07:42

Our Persimmons will be ripe in about 5 weeks. If i have your number I'll be sending out texts when we start picking. You can text it to me 0414962626.

03.04 | 23:50

Hi. Just wondering if your persimmon are ready yet?